Board Suppliers Cape Town

Types of boards we supply

Marine ply

Lightweight and often used on wet environments, marine plywood has a rigid and strong structure. Marine plywood is strong and durable. 

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Sharing the same durability classifications as plywood, OSB is a strong engineered wood that can also be used in furniture production, roof sheathing, cladding and construction of timber framed buildings. 

Commercial ply

A perfect material for use in indoor furniture and bathroom cabinets

Pine ply

While not as durable as commercial ply, pine ply is a plywood that can be used in indoor furniture as well as make strong cupboard backings ad shelving.

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) 

An affordable alternate to plywood and is an ideal use for furniture pieces like cabinets, shelving and many other decorative projects.


A fibre board much like mdf, however much denser than MDF. This makes hardwood a stronger material to mdf and often used in furniture and the construction industries. Because of it’s recycled nature, this makes an environmentally friendly option for those looking for backings to cupboards and signage.