Timber Decking Suppliers Cape Town

Types of decking wood we supply:


A popular, durable tropical hardwood, similar to teak and often used in a lot of houses within the Western Cape. Mostly dark brown in colour, this hardwood can turn to a beautiful light grey with increasing exposure to the sun.


An exceptionally long lasting hardwood that seldom moves after installation. Garapa’s sustainability makes it an ideal choice for decking projects. With it’s smooth surface and yellow to golden brown colour, Garapa is fast becoming a favourite for those who do not like a darker wood.


This deep brown hard wood, makes a very appealing choice to decking. It’s resistance to decay makes this a popular choice for those looking for superior decking material.


Similar and often used interchangeably with Ipe, Massaranduba has earned its stripes as one of the hardest and most durable timber woods. Also naturally resistant to decay, it’s durability makes it ideal for places most likely to receive high traffic.